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Baja Rules

Car Requirements
  • Roll bar needs to be 6" from drivers head. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED

  • Roll cage - inside of car, 3 or 4 point roll bar of 2” or larger pipe bolted to the floor with plates.

  • Stock bumpers can be welding on.  No I-BEAMS

  • Car netting - Drivers window must be covered with approved car netting to keep all body parts inside of car in case of a roll-over. ***NEW RULE***

  • Battery – stock or safely relocated.

  • Gas tank – stock or safely relocated.

  • Glass – remove lights front and rear, may leave windshield and roll down side windows, if windshield is removed must have a helmet with a face shield .

  • Tires – stock or approved for highway use.

  • Air bags - removed.

  • Sunroof - must be plugged or covered.

  • Drivers - must wear a helmet and have a seatbelt with a shoulder harness.

  • No passengers are allowed!

  • Number - on car roof in the vertical position.

  • Driver Door - protected with a bar or beam


For further information call Paul Reese (218-945-6036)

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